Douglas Berger psychiatrist in Tokyo is a fully bilingual Japanese/English American board-certified psychiatrist and Director of the Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center. Dr. Berger received his M.D. and psychiatry training from New York Medical College, and his Ph.D. from the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the Tokyo University School of Medicine.

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Dr. Berger can be contacted by phone: 03-3716-6624 (+81-3-3716-6624 from outside of Japan). Use the intake form or inquire through the Tokyo Meguro Counseling Center’s Home Page.

Ability to write but inability to read one's own writing is usually caused by stroke in the posterior cerebral artery. Us:,,

Gababentin & pregabalin modulate GABA through α2γ ca channels. Tigabine is a selective GABA reuptake inhibitor, vigabatrin is a GABA transaminase reuptake inhibitor, baclofen is a GABA-B agonist. Us:,,

Tokyo Counseling: Pot using teens as likely to be addicted as heroin users?

Pot using teens as likely to be addicted as heroin per Dr. Jodi Gilman: This study: says only 9% of pot users dependent,15% for cocaine 24% for heroin. Us:,,

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Tokyo Counseling: GGT level is the most sensitive test for alcohol abuse

GGT liver enzyme level is the most sensitive test for alcohol abuse. Value is high in 3/4 of patients up to 8 weeks. Us:,,

Tokyo Counseling: Low folate can cause fatigue, agitation, delirium and dementia.

Low folate can cause fatigue, agitation, delirium and dementia but not panic. Us:,,

Tokyo Counseling: NIDA support of anti-drug projects with strange science.

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80% of patients with “stiff-person syndrome” have association with diabetes, polyendocrinopathy, and antibodies to glutamic acid decarboxylase. Us:,,

Vagal nerve stimulation is approved for refractory epilepsy & depression. Us:,

Article by Jodi Gilman: seems like anti-cannabis info planted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse & her work is NIDA supported i.e.: doi: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4745-13.201. Us:,,

Some psychiatric meds should be used with extreme caution during lactation, and/or how to mitigate effects on infants (i.e., to use formula to some degree in order to decrease daily exposure).,,

Patients living well is great; over-selling therapy not supported by double-blind placebo studies (like mindfulness), while walking, running, bicycling, etc. may do the same positive things for free: Us:,

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