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Brain changes in Mindfulness Based therapy was unblinded with only 16 subjects: https://t.co/CC4HlhldEi. If you look at many brain sections you may find something by chance, you need to half your p value for each section looked at, not done here. Us: https://t.co/kbQF1wSzGN

Tokyo Counseling Service on ADHD https://t.co/LPwy8DzMbB @YouTubeさんから

Antidepressants show efficacy under double blind vs blind placebo because blinding filters out hope and expectation. Neither randomization nor blind assessment can make up for the loss of control from no-blind, no placebo conditions. Us: https://t.co/tReJReVhnP

Blind placebo pills give 30% improvement in depression. In depression drug trials, “non-inferiority” is very easily obtained as everyone responds to the placebo effect. Superiority studies have a higher statistical hurdle than non-inferiority studies. Us: https://t.co/CcbDgs5z45.

Medication vs psychotherapy isn't valid in a clinical trial because you can't double blind all the arms. Its uncontrolled clinical data, endpoints are subjective, and medications require double blinding or blind placebo: https://t.co/WLIjKdXqXL.

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Douglas Berger Tokyo psychiatrist: Brain changes in Mindfulness Based therapy https://t.co/zpuzl9UBif

Douglas Berger Tokyo psychiatrist: Many therapy studies call themselves, “single-blind” https://t.co/uKasdYEwnY

Many therapy studies call themselves, “single-blind”, however, this when the subject is blind, not when assessors are blind. “Single-blind” is misleading the reader that there is some control of bias when there is not. Us: https://t.co/sooQBqR2nb.

Douglas Berger Tokyo psychiatrist: Antidepressants show efficacy under double blind https://t.co/mgUktrrS97

Douglas Berger Tokyo psychiatrist: Blind placebo pills give 30% improvement in depression https://t.co/DopRqQA0E0

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