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Psychiatric medications have multiple effects on sexual desire and function due anticholinergic and antiadrenergic effects. Us: https://t.co/urVpIxQD7G, https://t.co/tReJReVhnP

Tyrosine hydroxylase (rate limiting) converts tyrosine to L-DOPA, DOPA decarboxylase makes dopamine from L-DOPA, and dopamine B-hydroxylase makes norepinephrine from dopamine. One happy neurotransmitter family. Us: https://t.co/tReJRfcSMp, https://t.co/RyG3aQKKUl

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Counseling In Tokyo: Bipolar disorder has equal rates in men and women, unipolar depression is more common in women https://t.co/JbM1dBqskB

Therapy in Tokyo: Vagal nerve stimulation can treat refractory partial epilepsy and intractable depression https://t.co/yr4bvJUrvn

Vagal nerve stimulation can treat refractory partial epilepsy and intractable depression. Only the left Vagal nerve is stimulated on a 30 sec on-5 min off cycle throughout the day. Us: https://t.co/uaoP3ZdWvx, https://t.co/EM6ss7NILt

Todd’s paralysis is a short and transient hemiplegia seen after a seizure. Post-ictal A-V shunting may be the cause. Us: https://t.co/EM6ss7NILt, https://t.co/eGw7GaNOQn

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