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S Hollon trying to wriggle-out of the need for double blinding and blind placebo control in psychiatric studies with SUBJECTIVE endpoints https://t.co/DkJ7w4TPhN. Quoting Churchill on democracy has nothing to do with treatment of a human condition. See https://t.co/pCdesvYiey

Dr. Byatt makes the point to continue bupropion in this 14wk pregnant patient as she is already exposed for the first trimester: https://t.co/krUSUTsP8t Why Dr. Byatt does not recommend trying to find the lowest effective dose though is baffling. https://t.co/4EE55E1tzZ #li

The open-label GeneSight and unblined/no-blind placebo Genomind studies are at high-risk for researcher bias and should be suspect to extreme caution: https://t.co/y0WTC42zXm Us: https://t.co/f7ZtKavHEq

An elderly patient refuses oral meds & gets injections. Douglas Berger, Psychiatrist in Tokyo: https://t.co/fZvIDnPlcs https://t.co/Z6yI4R8VEB

Rats were exposed for only 12 days in a fear extinction model-not a traumatic event in humans. Therapeutic effect was seen in the startle test. We need to be modest about extrapolating this data to long-term use of cannabis in humans. https://t.co/5aZe9SJbH4

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Depression studies have subjective endpoints so that double blind/blind placebo are needed for efficacy: https://t.co/4XySe7dNmt Hope makes all improve on non-inferiority. "Blind assessments" are deceptive as all the subjects and treaters are UNblind. https://t.co/K6iHnNBhQ1

This study https://t.co/1mfQHq3VWs quoted the parents of a 6 year-old who heard their child's voice. They concluded “The voice and image kept him alive" though It could also be a neurological echo of an emotional memory. Psychodynamics are conjecture. https://t.co/RZFx8zOZJO

Genetic tests are expensive: https://t.co/P4nDSdXfE9. Whether “adverse effects” are due to slow metabolism vs. illness are easily studied: crushed Pills can be blindly put in juice. Do this on and off and see which days correspond to symptoms. Us: https://t.co/1HKbrH9Y6i

Pts given 2-mos of CBT-ib (insomnia/bipolar): https://t.co/Gp5qCz4P7h. Dr. Aiken states to give the “expectation..they..deserve a full remission.” But giving expectations to an unblinded cohort w/no placebo control is the exact thing to avoid. https://t.co/UKcXpxJdqE

This article does not conclude that vaping is more dangerous than tobacco https://t.co/wk8SS8Ohz7 The endpoint should be health effects of tobacco vs vaping not the use frequency or the daily use of e-cigs vs quit attempts or number of cigs smoked. https://t.co/hWt1mTxCDw

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