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DBT attenuates amygdala hyperactivity?: https://t.co/on1L6vB1JP only had 11 patients in this "pilot" study with no control therapy to compare with and no blind so that the results are premature. Us: https://t.co/WLIjKdXqXL, https://t.co/RyG3aQt9vL, https://t.co/J7ZPFKUqAp

The popularity of genetic testing that gives a mental disorder diagnoses over-sell a science that one day will be crucial to psychiatric classification but not yet. Us: https://t.co/64BLMg2ujG, https://t.co/RyG3aQt9vL, https://t.co/J7ZPFKUqAp

Tokyo Counseling Service: Biological Depression https://t.co/scIUjFt63r @YouTubeさんから

The major cause of misconceptions in psychiatriy is that the concepts of illness and disorder are fuzzy with no physical proofs. The DSM is both over-valued as a proof, and undervalued as useful. Us: https://t.co/FpVQtrn3VT ; https://t.co/UvEwMAgYWw

Whether a depression biological: the longer a person has depression in various life circumstances, family history of mental illness, no discrete event, physical symptoms on a chronic basis, i.e., insomnia, lack of energy, etc. Us: https://t.co/FpVQtrn3VT

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Tokyo Counseling Center: Does DBT attenuate amygdala hyperactivity? https://t.co/qcTK7Bjntu

Tokyo Counseling Service: could effects mindfulness based therapy be due to placebo? https://t.co/BgVRmysFTA

Tokyo Counseling Center: Virtual Reality and randomized controlled trials https://t.co/E0SZmBt6bg

Wallis says Virtual Reality completed a randomized controlled trial: https://t.co/Z7TcEDJOmT. But you can't subject blind or have blind placebo in a VR trial that treats conditions w/subjective endpoints. Us https://t.co/iKvQ96AhM8 https://t.co/eGw7GaNOQn https://t.co/ymaLpFdrzz

Tokyo Counseling Service on discriminating biologic from situational depression. https://t.co/ItBR8LlmKd

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